If you hate Messenger, you’re really not gonna like Facebook’s latest update

If you’re not a fan of Facebook’s bubble-based chatting experience, we have some bad news: your mobile News Feed might soon be even more Messengerized.

Facebook looks to be testing text bubbles in the comment threads of its mobile app. This comes shortly after rolling out a new feature to inundate desktop users with unwanted pop-up tabs every time a friend replies to a comment.

The new mobile comment format was first brought to light by The Next Web‘s Matt Navarra, who received a screenshot of a bubbly thread from a Twitter follower.

Facebook testing a messaging-like format for comments?

H/T @Herbie

Current format vs New design


— Matt Navarra ⭐️ (@MattNavarra) March 20, 2017

I don’t have the rounded-out comments on my iPhone’s Facebook app, but a tipster contacted me with a screenshot showing their feed with a new format, too.

Hey @facebook why do comments look like this on my phone?

— chrisZsnow (@chrisZsnow) March 19, 2017

This version of the UI is slightly different — unlike Navarra’s screenshot, friends’ names are located above the text bubbles. So far, it looks like only a small group of iOS users have received either version of the update.

Why is Facebook fussing over its comments so much lately? The tweaks could be part of the social network’s’s push to make users more, well, social. Facebook wants to increase user sharing and engagement network wide, which might also be the inspiration for all the Snapchat features that have come to the ‘Book and its related apps in recent months.

Facebook is betting users will be more likely to follow through with replies to their friends if comments are more like conversations on every platform — which means they’ll spend more time on the site, driving even more revenue.

We reached out to Facebook for comment on the updates to see if this is a new feature definitely coming soon to all users or just limited tests of potential new UIs. We haven’t received a response yet, but we’ll update this article when we do.