Insults are bad but this little kid’s ‘Overwatch’ diss is too perfect

What’s the worst possible insult you could throw at someone? Calling them a bad Overwatch player.

A parent shared the disciplinary slip that their daughter received at school for insulting a fellow student after her pencil was stolen. Instead of going with a tried-and-true insult like “doo doo head,” “fart face” or “butt muncher,” the student went straight for the throat and called out the perpetrator’s Overwatch skills by saying they mainly play as arguably the worst character in the game, Hanzo.

My daughter got in trouble for calling a kid who stole her pencil a Hanzo main. My husband and I have been laughing for half an hour.

— Allie (@abrekke83) March 16, 2017

The write-up, presumably written by the girl’s teacher, says:

Another student took her pencil and she referred to him as a “Hanzo Main.” I have no idea what this means, however it was clearly meant as an insult.

Hopefully the punishment wasn’t too severe because of all the things in the world to call someone, this is honestly pretty mild. And hopefully the teacher has been informed of what exactly a Hanzo main is so that they can be a little less cavalier with their punishments.

What makes this even better is that this is the second draft of the note. The student’s parent said their daughter helped her teacher get the correct spelling of the Overwatch hero’s name.

Best part is this was the second note. She corrected the teacher that it was Hanzo, not Hanso.

— Allie (@abrekke83) March 16, 2017

After the tweet blew up, the Overwatch Twitter caught wind of it and offered their words of discouragement for the insult while at the same time giving the girl her due praises.

@abrekke83 While we don’t support name-calling (and do support Hanzo mains!), we love where your daughter’s head was at.

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) March 16, 2017

Hopefully that Hanzo main learned their lesson.