Zayn Hangs Out With A Monkey At A House Party In ‘Still Got Time’ Video

In March, Zayn linked up with Toronto rapper PartyNextDoor for the breezy, tropical “Still Got Time,” an obvious early submission into the grand pantheon of Song of the Summer. On Friday (April 21), the song finally got a video befitting its mellow grooves, and because this is Zayn we’re talking about, it features plenty of beautiful young people drinking, smoking, rubbing up on each other, and getting tattoos.

The clip, directed by Calmatic, also marks the video debut of Zayn’s new green hair, which he unveiled late last month. But you’d be forgiven for not noticing that — and not noticing PartyNextDoor’s complete absence — given what actually is in this video: three (3) shots of naked breasts, the use of a stripper pole, seemingly unsafe indoor skateboarding, Zayn tagging a wall (which he loves to do), Zayn standing with a literal monkey on his back, and enough pot-smoke exhales to make me question why this wasn’t released on 4/20 instead.

Regardless, it’s interesting to see Zayn in full Gatsby mode, letting everyone else have fun while he broods and surveys the landscapes around him, perhaps pining for a lost love. (After all, Gigi Hadid is nowhere to be found here.) Watch the very NSFW video above.