How volunteers in Seattle brought a joyous surprise to local charity organizations

The Seattle Center Exhibition Hall was teeming with excitement on the morning of May 13th. Blue and white banners hung everywhere, while volunteers in matching shirts organized piles of supplies sprawled across 20 tables. The words on these banners and shirts were all the same – “Dream Fearlessly.”

As more groups of volunteers filed into the auditorium, hugs, handshakes, and kind words rippled throughout the room as strangers were quickly transformed into friends.

They had come together for One Saturday to Dream Fearlessly – and they were eager to begin.

The goal was pretty lofty. This group of Seattle locals was attempting to fill 3,000 drawstring bags with shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hand lotion, sunscreen, eye drops, hand wipes, and snacks for the homeless population in their city – all within an hour and a half.

All of this was to be done to aid two local organizations – Mary’s Place and YouthCare – that have made helping the homeless their unwavering focus. Some of the people who work for these organizations have suffered hard times themselves, and they dedicate their lives to aid those who are struggling now.

The representatives of these organizations did not know exactly what they would be walking into later in the day, or that their afternoon would be so beautifully emotional.