People are really happy that smoking has been banned in the Philippines

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, better known for his offensive statements and crackdown on drugs, now has a new enemy: smoking.

In an executive order signed earlier this week, Duterte has ordered a nationwide ban on smoking in all public places.

The ban also includes vaping and the use of electronic cigarettes.

According to a report by the Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance, there are some 17 million Filipino smokers, or almost one-third of the adult population.

But surprisingly, Filipino internet users on Twitter seemed pretty pleased about the move.

Smoking ban is perhaps the only good deed of Duterte that will unite pro and anti Duterte supporters. 👊

— Takehiko Sato (@officialtakesa) May 18, 2017

“Duterte signs EO on smoking ban”

“It’s a good day for health” 💯

— Arnold Fernando (@Arnooooold) May 18, 2017

@rapplerdotcom Finally 👊

— hyekyo (@wonbinkyo) May 18, 2017

@rapplerdotcom Thumbs up!🖒🖒

— Analiza riparip (@mhylian21) May 18, 2017

The ban, which covers both indoor and outdoor smoking, carries a maximum penalty of four months in jail and a fine of $100, according to a presidential spokesman.

Under the new law, tobacco cannot be sold within 100 meters (330 feet) of schools, playgrounds or anywhere that children might gather.

Designated smoking areas will be set up for adults, but must be at least 10 metres away from building entrances or exits.

Duterte had earlier last year promised to crack down on vices such as smoking and illegal gambling.