10 the most harmful and healthiest cuisines in the world

10 the most harmful and healthiest cuisines in the world

A proverb says, “You are what you eat”. Logically, our eating habits and favors usually depend on where we live. National cuisine is probably the most vivid element of each country’s cultural identity. Thanks to the globalization, today we can try extraordinary and exotic dishes in our homeland with the 24/7 delivery. But are they healthy?

You may be aware of the fact that some nations suffer from heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, and are known for the low life expectancy. The local cuisine is a determining factor in many cases. So, which of the world’s famous cuisines are healthy, and which are the most dangerous ones?

Unhealthy cuisines

Argentinian. The level of obesity among the citizens of Argentina is the highest in the South America. The national diet is extremely rich in carbohydrates due to the variety of bakery products. A great love to red meat stakes doesn’t make it more healthy either. The local meals are very heavy and fat.

American. The USA is known for its best fast food in the world. Moreover, it is its homeland. The soft drink producers and snack bar chains are the largest taxpayers here. Not surprisingly, the true stereotype about overweight nation is the most common.

Czech. It is impossible to be a teetotaler and/or a vegetarian in Czech Republic. The national cuisine consists of dozens fat dishes made of pork. They usually served with different bakery, potatoes and sauces. In addition, Czech Republic is a well-known producer of delirious beer, which is extremely cheap here as well as the meat.

Russian. The Russian cuisine is more like Czech. Fat pork is the key ingredient to almost everything: soups, snacks, bakery, and second courses. It is common to eat bread during the every food intake. In addition, Russians adore holidays, which are usually held with banquets. Probably, this is one of the reasons you should think twice before looking for Russian wife (read more

German. Here we have the same situation as in Czech Republic: tons of meat, beer, and potatoes. In average, a regular German citizen yearly consumes up to 90 kilograms of meat, mostly pork. Moreover, the local cuisine includes more than 300 types of bread. Luckily, their dishes usually consists of healthy vegetables.

Healthy cuisines

Japanese. The lowest level of obesity in the world is observed in Japan. Despite a huge amount of rise, which is rich in carbohydrates, the Japanese regularly consume a lot of vegetables: broccolis, cabbages, cucumbers, and zucchini. Seafood and fish also plays a key role in their health and high life expectancy because they are low in cholesterol. Moreover, the Japanese usually eat very small portions.

French. It is unbelievable, but true. The French eat much bakery and sweets and don’t suffer from obesity. Why? They also eat small portions during the whole day. The ordinary diet includes a lot of local vegetables which are usually stewed or boiled.

South Korean. As well as the Japanese, people in South Korea eat a lot of vegetables, tofu, fish, and rice. Famous Korean fried beef can hardly be called the healthy meal. However, due to the local cult of beauty they eat it very rare.

Sweden. Cold climate doesn’t allow to grow much fruits. However, the Sweden cuisine is rich in whole-wheat bakery, nutritious dairy, and fish.

Italian. Pizza, pasta, lasagna, sauces, meat. Are they really the components of a healthy cuisine? Sure, they are, but only in a genuine Italian dishes. The key ingredients of the Italian pasta and bakery are whole wheat, tons of veggies, greenery, and olive oil. The Italians serve pasta in small amounts, so it is quite a healthy diet.